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Forward-Looking Web Developers from the USA

We are a flagship digital company based in the USA, with headquarters in different cities around the world. Our team of developers creates unsurpassed and engaging digital solutions to improve an efficiency of your business and ensure an incredible experience of the customers interacting with your web platform. Our services range from bespoke software creation, website and mobile app development to IT business and marketing consulting.

Web Development

Our company has ample experience in web development of back-office applications, B2B, and corporate portals integrated with internal registration systems in the USA and worldwide. Our portfolio of successful projects speaks louder than words.

We specialize in the creation of functionally sophisticated, integrative and high-loaded projects for all business needs.

Bespoke Web Development

Any organization, which requires much human resources and investment, needs a hi-tech software system aimed at maximizing of working processes efficiency. Web technologies propose a lot of opportunities to redefine the business, that is why most entrepreneurs choose an outsourcing, handing the enterprise apps over to third-party professional developers.

Our developers labor firmly to build bespoke software corresponding to all specific IT demands of the business area you work in and provide you with a smart solution to meet all the requirements and enhance the productivity of the enterprise. We can also improve your current web software, if it does not fill the functional gaps. App development with Magora programmers.


Design and UX

Successful development is impossible without UX/UI design. Our programmers always work in close cooperation with our designers to make sure that every element of the website’s interface is flawless.

Our creative and ambitious web developers keep an eye on the latest trends and investigate new technologies that daily appear in the fast-changing digital US and world market. We work as a tight-knit team together with our clients, keeping them informed about the working process and immediately responding to feedback.



Our web developers from the USA have mastered HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby On Rails, CSS3, Net, C++ and have a deep insight of search engine optimization approaches used to increase the site’s visibility among search results.

We use other programming languages and tools as well as different content management systems that it becomes possible to integrate into your website or develop a custom solution from scratch. Our developers find the best way to manage the content and ensure that your source meets all the requirements and regularly updated.


Mobile Website - your Best Solution

Our web developers from the USA never use out-of-the-box website solutions - our firm belief is that a bespoke site is the best choice if you want to get a unique and handy tool in the ever-changing digital world.

We utilize various technologies to ensure a great user experience for smartphone and tablet software: responsive design, adaptive design, mobile site and web-based apps development.

An application is a consumptive solution, so if you are not ready to make a lot of investments, a mobile-friendly source would be the best choice, as it has a lot of attractive advantages:

  • There is no need to download any software - a site works using the browser.
  • Your customers or employees can add the website icon to their menu or home screen and access your source in one click adding;
  • You can manage and update the sites by means of CMS, which is handy and simple.

Reasonable Investment

You can promote the website along with the desktop version - sites do not depend on the mobile app market. It’s a great solution for decreasing the budget, as mobile sites require less investment.

When you decide to develop the right mobile-friendly web source, you will get, as a result, the similar user experience as mobile applications can offer. Sometimes it even impossible to single out a mobile website and an app.

Web Design

The web development includes architecture, feature map, and other constituents ensuring that the site is easy to navigate and interact with. Page layout is no less important as the images, colors, and fonts, as it forms the overall impression of the site and determines how the information will be perceived by visitors.

Our developers start any creation process with a deliberative investigation of your business to acquire a thorough understanding of your needs and aims. As professional developers, we measure our products by their efficacy and intuitiveness, not by mere looks. Web design is a broad notion that goes beyond visual aspects of a website - it encompasses the functionality, efficiency, usability and more.

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Mobile-Friendly Website Design

The constant extension of mobile industry prompts companies, which want to remain modern and on trend, to satisfy the requirements of the users. So if you want to be on a roll, rely on our developers from the USA to design your mobile- friendly website.

  1. Key context. Our web developers always track what subjects are interesting to your customers, and create the interface according to their preferences.
  2. Touch screens. It is important that the user can get the information he needs in the minimum gestures. We know how to make information on the website the most available for your clients.
  3. Simple design. Of course, we can shake users by tremendous graphics and smartly picked up the color scheme. But it is important to make the web design convenient for users even when they do not have a connection to a high-speed wireless network.

Our web developers always plan construction of the site carefully and consider all nuances. You can be sure, that your source will contain only relevant information in the most appropriate and appealing form.

Responsive, Adaptive and Mobile Design

The responsive web design assumes design and development according to the display resolution, its orientations, and a platform. In other words, the site should be built on such technologies which automatically would react to user preferences.

The purpose of the adaptive web design is the universality of display of the web site content for different devices. When you choose an adaptive web design, it is not necessary to create separate versions of the web site for separate types of devices. A well-done site can work at a smartphone, pad, a notebook and the TV set with the Internet connection.

To make the source convenient for mobile users, developers often create separate versions of the websites — specially oriented on the user with a smartphone/pad. Probably, in most of the cases, mobile version represents the cut-down major version — only with that functionality which, according to developers, will be necessary and useful to users of mobile devices and pads.

Characteristics of a Good Website

The primary objective of any site is to inform the customers about the business and sell products or services online. But it is not a simple task to attract modern customers when there are so many bright sites to choose from. Our web developers will create a source, that will be engaging, feature-rich, outstandingly designed, user-friendly and optimized for mobile use.

Design Concept

Our experience in web development makes it possible to follow a lean strategy, proven by years of successful work. In our opinion, the design concept helps to:

  • Determine the main ideas and directions of development and approve them with clients;
  • Receive an assessment of these ideas from future users;
  • Create ideological base, obtain a single vision of the project.

Determination of the main ideas has an exclusive value for modeling of the website: our developers make a start from these ideas, designing both functional and information structure, and content.

We Care for Your Success

Our experts always maintain close communication with the clients to get an in-depth understanding of their business problems and needs to provide them with the most efficient software solution to ensure long-term success. Moreover, we always plan the development based on your financial capacity and would never sell anything useless, because we care for your business and our reputation. We guarantee affordable costs, fast return on investment, reduced risks and an overall pleasant experience. Our ambitious US developers help various businesses with first-class software tailored for individual budgets and needs of every our client.

Bespoke Software Creation

We build bespoke web and mobile apps, websites and other software as well as optimize current tools and programs.

Integration, Customization, and Optimization

We can integrate any tools and technologies, improve your existing software, reengineer your apps to enhance performance or fix errors.

Post-launch support

Our software support services include functional, system and technical assistance that will ensure that the products we build for you are ready to face the competition and always up-to-date in the ever-changing digital environment. Over the years our developers have guaranteed software stability and well-timed updates for a broad range of corporate systems.

Our team is aimed at superb quality and long-term business partnership with our clients. That is why a deep understanding of the client’s business and top quality of final products are the core stones of our development.